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Spring Roll with Steamed Shrimp

Pho MdR, nestled in the culinary heart of West Los Angeles, offers a fresh and healthy option with its Spring Roll with Steamed Shrimp. This dish epitomizes the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, focusing on fresh, vibrant ingredients and delicate flavors. Each spring roll is a testament to the art of balance and simplicity, beginning with a translucent, non-fried rice paper wrap that is both tender and slightly chewy, providing a delicate encasement for the bounty within.

Inside, the roll is packed with a harmonious blend of ingredients: succulent steamed shrimp, symbolizing the freshness of the sea; crisp lettuce and shredded carrots, offering a crunch and sweetness; and tender rice noodles, providing a soft textural contrast. Fresh mint leaves are scattered throughout, lending a cool, aromatic freshness that elevates the roll’s flavor profile.

Accompanied by a side of rich, creamy peanut sauce, each bite of Pho MdR’s Spring Roll with Steamed Shrimp becomes a multi-sensory experience. The sauce, with its nutty, savory depth, complements the light, clean flavors of the roll, creating a delightful contrast.

In the vibrant setting of West Los Angeles, Pho MdR’s Spring Rolls stand out as a testament to the freshness and flavor of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, offering a healthy, satisfying choice for food enthusiasts.

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