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Pad See Ew

At Pho MdR, situated in the vibrant culinary scene of West Los Angeles, the Pad See Ew stands out as a testament to the rich flavors of Thai cuisine. This dish begins with wide, flat rice noodles that have a satisfyingly chewy texture, forming the perfect base for the robust flavors to come. These noodles are expertly stir-fried in a high-heat wok, allowing them to char slightly, imbuing the dish with a smoky undertone.

Eggs are swirled into the noodles, adding a creamy richness, while garlic and black pepper are sautéed to release their aromatic pungency, enhancing the dish’s depth. The inclusion of both American and Chinese broccoli introduces a delightful contrast in texture and flavor, with the former offering a familiar crunch and the latter a slightly bitter, earthy note.

Dressed in sweet black soy sauce and a special house-made stir fry sauce, Pho MdR’s Pad See Ew acquires a glossy sheen and a complex, savory-sweet flavor profile. This dish, steadfast in its traditional preparation, offers no vegan or gluten-free options, reflecting an authentic culinary heritage.

Pho MdR's Pad See Ew is more than just a meal; it's a flavorful journey through the essence of Thai street food, right in the heart of West Los Angeles.

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